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Shipping Info
Shopping Cart Malfunction
Lately, with those new fancy phones that cost more than a set of dental implants, some customers have reported their shopping cart contents emptying when they try to check-out and then they have to start all over again from scratch. and that problem keeps happening over and over. 

we were not able to duplicate this issue with our android phone that cost us the equivalent of two happy meals and a bucket of non-zabiha chicken wings. 

one solution that has worked in such cases is to use a laptop or desktop to place the order, it appears to be some kind of issue related to cookies or too many built-in security features on some handheld devices. 

Shipping Estimate
Add items to cart, and in the cart, you can see a little drop down menu where you can enter your location and the shipping costs will come up. 

Shipping to the United States
We have been shipping 3-5 parcels to the US every month for many many years. Add to cart and check-out as normal. 

Shipping Outside of North America
Due to the extremely high cost of shipping small packets outside of North America, email us, and we shall provide you with the estimated postage cost to your country for the item you are interested in purchasing.

Gift Message
When shipping gifts to friends and family, we are more than happy to include a message from you, nicely printed on a postcard. Include your message in the Comments box during check-out. 

Shipping Turnaround
90% of orders are shipped within one business day. Is very rare to have orders sitting around for 2-3 days. We do strive to ship fast, is what online mail-order bookstores are supposed to do.

Pandemic Shipping
We specialize in pandemic shipping. a lot of the packages start to cough and sneeze on their way to the post office. Many of them moaning and begging, "i don wanna go" "i don wanna go" "gimme a mask now" "i wanna a mask now" "i wanna stay indoors" "i don wanna be so close to the other packages" and on and on and on. but no deal, buddies. you are all going to be delivered to your destination, pandemic, shandemic or whatever. and try not to breathe on each other. duh. 

We Use Canada Post for all our Shipping

Generally it takes 1-2 business days to deliver within Ontario and Quebec, and 4-5 business days everywhere else in Canada. NOTE: Like most Government agencies, Canada Post is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as most statutory holidays.