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Quran Stories for Kids (French)
Part Number 4726-526
Quran Stories for Kids (French)
Quran Stories for Kids (French)
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The [Quran Stories for Little Hearts] series of 20-page books are fabulously illustrated. They cover different chapters from the lives of the major Prophets (may peace be upon them all). They are packaged here into three hardbound volumes, each with 12 of the books, bound into one volume.

These are excellent gift, goody bag items for 3-6 year olds. The books are really whimsical and not for serious study. if you hope to buy these and have your little children become instant scholars of islam and the qur'an. wrong item. the writing in each book is sparse, the stories are told mostly in the form of the glorious drawings. which must have cost a fortune, each page has a unique hand drawn full color spread and there are almost a thousand pages across the entire series. 

some of the wording that is used is really for 8-10 year old level. so a 3-6 year old is going to struggle with the reading. no doubt it is an impossible challenge to translate grown-up moral themes of the lives of the Prophets into something for 3-6 year olds to comprehend. as such, the publishers have done an amazing job with these picturesque books.

Quran Stories for Kids
*Life Begins
*The First Man
*The Two Brothers
*The Ark of Nuh
*Allah's Best Friend
*The Travels of the Prophet Ibrahim
*The Brave Boy
*The Builder of the Kabah
*Tale of a Fish
*The Prophet King
*The Ant's Panic
*The Queen and the Bird

More Qur'an Stories for Kids
*The Story of the Two Gardens
*Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa
*The Wise Man and the Prophet Musa 
*The Pious Man and his Sons 
*The Prophet Yusuf and the King's Dream
*The Prophet Hud and the Storm
*The Most Patient Man
*The Iron Wall
*The Old Man's Prayer
*Luqman's Advice to his Son
*The Light of Allah
*Uzayr's Donkey

Just for Kids Quran Stories
*A Unique Miracle
*Ramadan and the Qur'an
*The Angel's Prayer
*The Honoured Guests
*The King's Magicians
*The Morals of Believers
*The Rivers of Milk and Honey
*The Prophet and the Blind Man
*The Prophet Shuayb and the Earthquake
*The Sleepers in the Cave
*The Traveller's Prayer
*The Treasure House
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Size, Format: 240 pages, 9.5"x 6.5" Hardcover
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