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Native Deen - 3 CD Set
Part Number 7166-100
Native Deen - 3 CD Set
Native Deen - 3 CD Set
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DEEN YOU KNOW is the debut album from the dynamic group Native Deen. Previously recording under the name MYNA Raps, Native Deen have come a long way and have recorded an album which is testimony to that fact.

With 11 songs on this debut album, each with its’ own social and moral message, DEEN YOU KNOW is an album that shares the message of Islam in a contemporary style, the style of Native Deen.

Track Listings:

1. Alhamdullilah - intro
2. Deen you know
3. Dedication
4. Intentions '05
5. Small Deeds
6. For the Prophets
7. Looking Glass
8. Paradise
9. Test
10. Drug free '05
11. Sakina
Native Deen, an internationally recognized Muslim Hip hop group uses guidance revealed in the fourteenth century with 21st century expertise to produce the highly anticipated, break-though production: The Remedy.

Watch a Video of the song on the CD:


"By far, this is their best album yet. The tears, however, stream frequently as I listened to this album.

As with every album, they always begin with a song singing God’s praises and thanks, and the song, “Bismillah” is hip, fresh, and makes you move. I am almost moved to tears by “Mercy to Mankind,” which reminds me of the kindness and compassion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). “Packed At All,” which talks about preparing for Judgment Day, is quite inspirational as well.

The tears really start, however, at “My Faith, My Voice.” This song talks about not allowing the Islam-bashers and Islamophobes direct the discourse about Islam and Muslims.

I can’t help but cry. It uplifts me and keeps me strong: no matter what they say about us, Islam is my faith, and my voice is what counts.

This latest Native Deen album has a little of everything for everyone. There is a song about the Companion Bilal, the first Muezzin, or “caller to the prayer,” called “Ahad,” and it also made cry, reminding me of the strength and fortitude of that great companion, who was tortured for his conversion to Islam. Native Deen has also continued in the tradition of Muslim holiday songs with “Ramadan is Here,” and this will instantly become a classic. I will definitely play this one for my kids once Ramadan starts in a few weeks, God willing.

Another tear jerker is “I am Near,” a song with great rhythm and sound along with beautiful supplications to the Lord. The boys of Native Deen also constantly remind us of the poor and needy around the world with songs like “Hungry Ones,” and “Gaza,” which is a homage to the people of Palestine. I really can’t say enough about this album, and Native Deen has truly outdone itself, making an album that appeals both to Muslim children and youth, along with their parents....."

Excerpted from a review by Dr. Hesham Hassaballa

Watch a Video of the song on the CD:

Track Listing:

•Only Fear Allah 
•Mercy to Mankkind 
•Packed at All 
•Greatest One 
•My Faith My Voice 
•The Remedy 
•Ahad - The Story of Bilal 
•Hungry Ones 
•Ramadan is Here 
•Ya Taybah 
•My Lord 
•I am Near 
•Our Earth 

Note: Percussion & synth. Instruments only , no wind or string instruments used.
The wait is over!!! The world-renowned Muslim hip-hop group Native Deen released its latest album titled "Not Afraid to Stand Alone." The new album features 16 tracks of fusion, R&B and hip hop sounds throughout. Native Deen brings a melodic high energy sound that can be appreciated by people of all races, religions and ethnicities. 

Native Deen's decision to solely use percussion instruments throughout "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" has lead to the creation of one of the most evocative audio efforts of the year. With powerful beats and thought-provoking lyrics, "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" will strike a chord with fans of hip-hop and R&B. 

Showcasing the remix of "M.U.S.L.I.M" and the single "Stand Alone", it also features special guest artists Zain Bhikha and Isam B. from Outlandish. 

Percussion Only. No Instruments used.

Track Listing: (Samples) 

1. SubhanAllah
2. Stand Alone
3. Lord is Watching
4. Still Strong Featuring Isam B.
5. Life's Worth
6. Sea of Forgiveness 
7. Pray Before
8. Tala'al Badru
9. The Message
10. Hold the Line
11. Labayk
12. Eid Morning
13. Rain Song
14. Be at the Top 
15. Zamilooni Featuring Zain Bhikha
16. M-U-S-L-I-M 

Watch the Video of "Not Afraid to Stand Alone" Title Song:

Author: Native Deen
Size, Format: Audio CD
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